What I’m Doing Now

  • I’m living in Door County, WI.
  • I’m developing a mobile app to help restaurants manage their daily forms and tasks (QSRHarvest).
  • I’m preparing to open a sub-shop franchise in a retail building that I purchased last year.
  • I manage two listings on Airbnb in Door County, WI.
  • I’m always reading daily, currently focused on minimalism, minimalist parenting, and Catholicism.
  • Podcasts I’m listening to regularly:
    • The Tom Woods Show
    • The Tim Ferriss Show
    • The Great Debates
    • Catholic Stuff You Should Know
    • Contra Krugman

Inspired by Derek Sivers, this is what I’m working on right now.  I’ve never been a goals guy, but the purpose is to help me stay focussed on the things that are most important to me right now and share them with others.